• dagreenwald

It’s time to ReWire Education - Is Grit & Growth Mindset our Ticket?

A big trend in education is to teach our students the life skills of Grit” and “Growth Mindset (G/GM). In simplifying years of trend-setting work, G/GM refers to the ability to persevere and learn from all of what life gives us.

Fueled by our current tech revolution, the G/GM buzz continues to trend upward because mainstream education isn’t sure how to prepare students for their future. What we do know is that G/GM will be critical for students navigating their professional uncertainty.

Whether you’re a parent, educator or simply a human being, there are times we’re all guilty of forgetting kids are people and have innate abilities, often much sharper than ours. Arguably the greatest gift from our Maker is the ability to experience authenticity. For G/GM to have the long lasting impact of this heyday, students need to internalize these life skills. This happens when students have teachers living it themselves.

Crazy thought, but what if teachers are given the skills and support to live a life propelled by G/GM? What would change if educators at all levels are supported by their districts to fuel this growth towards living in their “peak state”, both professionally and personally?

We believe this era of Grit/ Growth Mindset (G/GM) presents all of us with an opportunity to rewire American education, starting with the educators and organically developing a culture of thriving authenticity.

The end goal is to rewire the district culture so students are immersed in an environment of authentic G/GM that they personalize and internalize because their teachers are living  examples.

We’re aiming to present this vision at a 2019 SXSW EDU session, where we will guide leaders from superintendents to teachers in creating district-level professional learning hives that support a new communal perspective of G/GM for their own lives as educators and people.

To support this idea or to just learn more, click the session link, or reach out to me directly or Janelle McLaughlin. We’re all in this together, and the opportunity to shift American education is now.  

Check out Pipeline Alliance whose mission is to help shift American education by supporting the companies doing it.